The courtyard into Kuldeep’s home

Kuldeep tending to his garden

The children of Kuldeep’s family

About Kuldeep

Kuldeep Sharma has been a licensed, professional tour driver in India since 1993. He has been employed as a driver for CNBC in Noida (a suburb of Delhi) and for many hotels and guest houses in Delhi. Kuldeep augments his regular work by offering private, professional driving for tourists and business people in Delhi and to many cities throughout North India and Rajasthan (see Rates and Itineraries).

Kuldeep lives in the village of Khurampur, about an hour away from Delhi, with his wife (Rakhi) and two children (Radhika and Viswas), his parents, and his two brothers and their families.

An agricultural village, Khurampur is surrounded by sugar cane and mustard fields; the sky is often bright blue, the air crisp and clear. Water buffalo pull carts loaded with crops, while cows, goats and the ubiquitous Indian dogs meander through the lanes. Kuldeep’s home is entered through a flower filled courtyard. A garden and water pump form the center of the family’s communal space; neighbors often drop in to visit, and in the late afternoon the family’s cow and her calf begin to low for their food while monkeys gambol on the village roofs. Kuldeep is happy to offer you the hospitality of his home and family if you would like to experience life in a traditional Indian village. A western toilet and bottled water are available for your comfort.

When not spending time with his children, family and friends in the village, Kuldeep enjoys introducing visitors to many of the marvels of India: from the back of the Taj Mahal at twilight reflected in the calm water of the Yamuna river to the bustling markets of Rajasthan; from the exquisite silence surrounding the monuments at Khajuraho to the feel of the breeze against your face as your travel in a jeep through one of India’s fabulous national parks; from the monuments and museums of Delhi to the bustling and sacred waters of the Ganges at Varanasi; from the cool mountains of Rishikesh to the golden desert of Jaisalmer, India has it all, and Kuldeep is proud to show it to you.