Kuldeep, you have looked after me so wonderfully during my stay in Delhi and also, before that, my daughter, Victoria and her fiancé, Michael—so I thank you from us as a family for keeping us safe and myself sane for the time I was with you.  Your patience, understanding and professionalism was very much appreciated.  I hope my son will come here as well so the family will all have met you.  India, as they say, is incredible and you have helped to make it more!
Islay Kennedy, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK

Many, many thanks for this colorful, delightful, warm, and spicy journey.  We will remember this trip forever.  Thanks for your kindness and happiness and always keeping your smile!  Thanks again for taking care of us.  You are a very good driver!  Finally, thanks for the sunset at the Taj Mahal.
Diego and Maryline Buss, Switzerland

A massive thank you to Kuldeep for an excellent service whilst in Delhi.  Kuldeep was very helpful, kind, knowledgeable about everything, and catered to our every need.  Whilst writing this we are at the New Delhi train station with Kuldeep who has ensured we got on the right train and found our seats before leaving us to our onward journey to Agra.  We will miss him immensely!
Aslam and Carole Rahman, Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK

We had a different driver to begin with and Kuldeep was recommended to us be another traveler.  What a difference!  Kuldeep was always very helpful, informative, and provided very good advice.  We’ve always felt very safe with him and found him to be very trustworthy.  Nothing was ever too much trouble for him.  We would have no hesitation recommending him to others.  He showed us some of the real India which we would never have seen on our own.  He made our stay in India a very enjoyable experience.
Portia and Ada, Perth, Scotland

Thank you so much, Kuldeep, for driving us and showing us the sights of Delhi.  We’ve really enjoyed getting to know you and your service has been excellent.  Thank you for taking such good care of us during the first two days of our Indian adventure, and we hope our future drivers will be as nice as you!
Adam and Sarah, Sydney, Australia

We so appreciate the care and service you provided for us while we were in Delhi.  We felt safe and confident in driving with you and our new son, Pandu.  We enjoyed your insight on Delhi as well as your assistance on where to eat and where to shop.  Most importantly, we appreciate your insight into parenthood and learning about your children.
Jaleña and Jason Fayre, Denver, Colorado, USA

What can we say other than thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!  The journey through a little part of your beautiful country with you by our side was even more memorable and special because of you.  Thank you so much for all of your time, effort, friendliness, helpfulness, and advice.  You drove very safely and never steered us wrong once.  Thank you also for introducing us to great Indian breakfast and lunch and for being so patient and helpful with shopping!  Many happy days and good fortune to you and your family.
Michelle and Hikoko, South Africa and Japan

Thank you very much for driving us around Rajasthan.  We felt very safe with you as our driver, and you recommended some great hotels along the way.  We’re also very grateful for the tips and advice you gave us and for answering all our questions.
Amy Parr and Simon Reynolds, London, England

Thank you for everything.  You are a very nice person and your English is very good!  You showed us very beautiful places and the other side of the river in Agra was very nice!  The journey was very safe and that was very important to us!  We are really satisfied with your service and we will surely recommend you to our friends, Kuldeep.
Carlos and Carolina Martins, Carcavelos, Portugal

Thanks for all of your help.  You are very professional and knowledgeable.  You made my visit to India much more enjoyable and comfortable than it would have been without you.  You are very valuable to the tourism industry!
Bill Harrington, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Kuldeep, thanks for taking care of us these last few days.  So nice to see a friendly face to collect us at the airport (especially after a four-hour delay and unscheduled diversion to Azerbaijan!).  You are a fantastic driver and a good source of knowledge on Delhi.  We really enjoyed your company too.
Tim and Lindsay Harrison, London, UK

Thank you for a most memorable trip to Agra and Jaipur.  You have made my Indian trip into something special!  It has been like traveling with a friend, and I will always remember our beer together.  Take good care of yourself and the family, and I hope to see you in Singapore one day.
Liu Su Sian, Singapore

You are the best driver and an exceptionally pleasant professional.  It was a joy to have you as my driver and travel companion.  Thank you for your nice attitude, skillful driving and good conversation.  Wishing you much luck and happiness!
Kallen Tsikalas, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Thank you very much for your service today.  It was a pleasant and memorable experience traveling by car with you to Agra.  I had a great time and you are a very polite and good gentleman.  Apart from your good English skill and amazing driving skill, you are also honest and humble.  Thank you once again.  I wish you all the best in your life and also your wife and two young children.
Luan T. Melbourne, Australia

Thank you for a wonderful Indian experience around Delhi and the Golden Triangle.  You made our journey very safe on the crazy Indian roads!  It was awesome to experience a true Indian Diwali with you and your family.  Thank you for making our honeymoon extra special!
Matt and Sarah Burrows, Surrey, England

Thank you so much, Kuldeep!  You made our stay in Delhi as wonderful as I’d ever imagined it could be—probably more!  We’ll always think of you and your kindness whenever we remember this beautiful trip to India.  We look forward to seeing you again and wish you and your family good health, good safety, and good luck!
Denise Goggin and James Metzger, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Besides everything, thank you most of all for waiting at the train station for eleven hours for us while we sat in our train from Varanasi during the Gujjar agitations.  It was great to see you again when we finally got off.  Thank you also for your careful driving; you were our best tour guide while we were in India.  We thoroughly enjoyed our day in Delhi.  We look forward to sending our friends to you if ever they visit India.
Jeff Esmond and Darrin Schadel, Kahalou, Hawaii, USA

Thanks for looking after us for the past 21 days on our tour of Rajasthan.  We felt very safe with your excellent driving skills on the crazy Indian roads.  Thanks for all your advice, tips, and for introducing us to some fantastic roadside food and chai!
Lee Ladle and Phil Cody, Australia

Thank you so much for taking us around and looking after us for the last four days.  You have taken us to some fascinating places and you have always given us good advice and found us good food, especially at the dhabbas.  Today the visit to your village was fantastic and will probably be the high point in our visit to India.  Many, many thanks to you and your family for being so open and welcoming to us.
John and Lynn Neg, Scotland, UK

Thank you, Kuldeep, for looking after us so well and showing us round the amazing city of Delhi.  You are an excellent driver and we felt very safe and comfortable in your car.  We appreciate your patience.
Frances Burns and Melanie Smith, Glasgow, Scotland

We’ve had a splendid stay in Delhi thanks in a very large part to your always being there, always knowing where you’re going, and doing it so cheerfully.  All the very best to you and your family in the future.
Ben and Elizabeth Benskin, Washington D.C., USA

Kuldeep is a number one driver.  Thank you for showing us the sights and markets of Delhi.  We enjoyed being with you.  Your humor made it pleasant driving around the city.
Carol and John Matteson, Stamford, Connecticut, USA

You are a great, safe driver and also a wonderful tour guide.  We appreciate your service and nice, air conditioned car.  Next time we come back we would love to visit your village.  We wish you good health and happiness always!
Ted and Patrice Northrup, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Thanks again for such an enjoyable few days opening my eyes to your wonderful country.  I have traveled a lot and you are simply the best driver!  No doubt I will return as this was always only a taste before trekking to Nepal.  I look forward to seeing you again and perhaps meeting your family.
Brian J. Cheater, Horsham, West Sussex, UK

You are the best!  Thank you for showing me a part of the real India.  This has been the best part of my trip.  You are an amazing driver.  I don’t know how you do it!  I look forward to visiting you and your family soon!  Thank you again!
Jessi Knapp, Los Angeles, California, USA

Thank you so much for your smile and sense of humor.  We had a wonderful time and always felt so safe with you.  I will never forget your fast reflexes and the calm you always carry.  You made our time in Agra and Jaipur unforgettable.
Meena Park and Sara Romain, San Francisco, California, USA

I really appreciate your time.  Excellent background info about Delhi and its various attractions.  It’s my first time in Delhi but I’m sure it will not be the last.
Jonathan Kerry, Toronto, Canada