Why Tour With Kuldeep?

Greetings.  We are two women travelers who have known Kuldeep Sharma and his lovely family since 2007.  We have toured much of North India (Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttranchal, Madhya Pradesh) and Rajasthan with him, and believe Kuldeep to be one of the most extraordinary people we have ever met: kind, generous, gentle, witty, responsible, honest, knowledgeable, and reliable.  He takes great pride in providing first-rate service to tourists and works hard to make his guests feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed during their journey. 

Traveling in India is exhilarating and always full of the unexpected, but it can also be daunting and challenging, especially for the uninitiated!  In order to get around Delhi or any other city, it’s necessary to negotiate with autorickshaw drivers for a fair price one-way, which is often difficult because of language barriers, and then the process begins all over again when you want to return or venture someplace else!  Train travel can be an experience that allows you to see the countryside and meet other Indians during your journey, but it can quickly become nightmarish if fog (quite common during the winter months) or other events create delays that vary anywhere from between one to thirteen hours.

During our multiple trips to India, we have found it altogether more relaxing to have the security and flexibility of traveling by auto, not only from one destination to another, but also within cities to museums, shopping locations, restaurants, and monuments.  You arrive and depart on your schedule; you are dropped off at the door of your destination and you can tour forts and palaces at your own pace knowing that your car is waiting for you right outside; you have the security of a closed vehicle and a driver who is dedicated to your safety when traveling at night; and you can explore and discover sights that are off the beaten path.

The integrity, character and experience that Kuldeep brings to his driving service makes your trip all the more pleasurable.  Because the day-to-day hassles of transportation are taken care of, you have more energy and time to devote to sight seeing and experiencing the rich array of all that India has to offer.  Here are just some of the many advantages of touring with Kuldeep:

As you will see from the variety of Testimonials from other travelers, we are not alone in our admiration and affection for Kuldeep.  He is a remarkable person, and not only will your trip to India be the better for touring with him, but you will be richer for having met such a wonderful and lovely person.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about touring with Kuldeep.  Please feel free to contact either of us via email and we will respond promptly.

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